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Mamasita is a Mexican restaurant on the Paris-end of Collins Street. It is a popular place with a long queue waiting to go in at night. A place you will be happily spent time on catching up with friends, drinking some serious tequilas / margaritas and of course eating some authentic Mexican food.

The restaurant is a flight of stairs up on the 1st floor. A big room with a long bar on one side of the wall and many high and low tables filled the rest of the room. A big black and white print of the "mamasita" on the wall. Vibrant music and happy diners created a lively vibe. The menu has a selection of seafood, chicken, lamb and pork from the tostados, tacos, quesadillas and big sharing plates. This time I am catching up with a girl friend who loves seafood. So this is a pescatarian meal.

Melbourne restaurant reviews | Mamasita | Ceviche

Ceviche - Rockling, lime, mandarin, fennel, tajin & tortilla

Fresh fish tossed with mandarin, fennel, tajin & lime... served with crispy tortilla. Beautiful combination of texture and flavours.

Mamasita | BBQ octopus

BBQ octopus with hominy puree, radish, guajilo & serrano salsa

Tender bbq octopus with salsa and chilli served on a bed of maize puree... delicious!

Mamasita | Tostadas

Tostadas - crab & prawn with celery, cucumber & apple guac, lime-habanero mayo & walnut

Cannot describe how wonderful these little babies are... great flavours and texture.

Mamasita | Tacos

Tacos - grilled fish with achiote, red onion salsa, cabbage, lime & chipotle mayo

Beautiful fish soft taco with crunchy salad and spicy mayo.

Mamasita | Margarita

Margarita - Vanilla Pina

A big jug of vanilla pina margarita served in a cold glass with coconut, salt and chilli rim... definitely a very enjoyable cocktail.

My favourite dishes - Ceviche and Tostadas.

Mamasita is a great place to catch up with family and friends. It has definitely captured the Latino spirit of joy and sharing. Food is refreshingly delicious, no fuss but packed with flavours. It is one of my favourite places for regular visit. Hope you will enjoy the Mexican vibe and feast there too!



1/11 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000

(03) 9650 3821

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