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Lûmé is a modern Australian fine dining restaurant in South Melbourne. The restaurant is in a traditional brick house tucked away on the quite end of Coventry Street, South Melbourne. The airy room decorated in the minimalist Scandinavian design and along with the chilled out music which had immediately put a spell on me.

We were sitting next to the semi-opened kitchen, there was a sense of calm and harmony in the air. Chef Shaun Quade and his team were busy cooking but in a rather relaxed manner. Beautifully presented dishes steadily being served throughout the night without any unnecessary gap in between. The staff paid attentive service to the diners without being intrusive.

The degustation menu for the night comprised of thirteen courses. Ready for drooling while reading?


Melbourne restaurant reviews | Lûmé | Barley crumpet

Breakfast eel on burnt barley crumpet

You don't expect to have a crumpet for dinner, but this one is special... sweet and savoury flavours melt in your mouth. Really impressed by the fluffiness of the crumpet as it was made of barley flour & eel. The taste of fish (eel) goes really nicely with the honey & cream.

Lûmé | Tomatoes & dashi dressing

Last fruits of summer, dashi & citrus

Look at all these colorful veggies... Refreshing tomatoes with the dashi dressing.

Lûmé | BBQ abalone

Abalone with barbeque flavours, glace muntries & powdered liver

Bought up eating abalone cooked in the Chinese way... love this new combination and flavours.

Lûmé | Emu tart

Emu tart with warm fig leaf milk & mountain pepper

This fine shortcrust pastry rocks with the emu meat fillings & toppings. Can easily have another one!

Lûmé | Sea plants

Pearl on the ocean floor

A beautiful combination of sea plants. The edible soil with the dried sour fruity flavour and the crispy sweet vanilla / white chocolate ball... a dish bursting with flavours - salty, sour & sweet. Just another wow!

Lûmé | Grilled camel taco

Seacorn taco with grilled camel hump

Never eaten camel in my life... A lovely mini crispy taco with unusual fillings.

Lûmé | Calamari

Raw asparagus, taro & calamari entrails warmed with saltbush butter

This is not spinach spaghetti but nicely cooked calamari... perfect texture. Love the squid ink sauce too.

Lûmé | Lamb

Saltgrass lamb perfumed with cherry wood, rhubarb, hibiscus & rose

A beautiful piece of tender lamb... wrapped inside the floral petals with rhubarb. Incredible combination of flavours. Another wow!

Lûmé | Smoked duck breast

Dry aged duck smoked over botttlebrush finished with elderflower honey

This is not the traditional duck a l'orange... the tender smoked duck breast and the sweet yolk are perfectly matched.

Lûmé | Cauliflower cheese & pastry

Cauliflower cheese with a pastry smoked over pear wood

Cheese & croissant? Not so simple... cauliflower cheese. Just delicious.

Lûmé | Stone fruit & shaved ice

Shaved ice from pistachio skins with stone fruit soaked in raspberry vinegar

A clever way to clear the palate... yum too!

Lûmé | Mixed berries & goat's milk

Blackberries, blueberries & sour goat's milk

I'm not a fan of goat/sheep dairy... but I polished off this dessert. Well done! Smooth creamy "ice-cream" with berries.

Lûmé | Chocolate pod

Cacao pod from Maralumi with notes of tobacco, green banana & currants

The cacao pod is smashed to review the other sweet fruit inside. Beautiful crunchy chocolate indeed... also goes so well with the ice-cream!

My favourite savoury - Saltgrass lamb perfumed with cherry wood, rhubarb, hibiscus & rose

My favourite dessert - Cacao pod

It's an romantic dinner... we loved the ambience. Of course, we loved the food and wine. It was a very impressive dinner with sophisticated and creative dishes. We loved the exotic ingredients and the flavours entailed. Lûmé is another outstanding restaurant exemplifies modern Australian fine dining culture. Surely we will visit again! Hope you will enjoy the beautiful dinner there too!



226 Coventry St, South Melbourne VIC 3205

(03) 9690 0185

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