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Mama Rumaan

Mama Rumann is a Middle Eastern restaurant located at the Central Pier of Docklands.  The restaurant has an open access to the water front so it is at a great location to see the Friday night fireworks during the winter months or simply to enjoy the all year round gorgeous sunset at the bar area outside.


The menu has a good combination of meat and vegetable dishes for sharing.  Here are some of the dishes we ordered for the night.


Sabah's Egyptian falafel with tahini

These falafel are indeed very moreish.  Love the tahini sauce too.



Mixed grilled feast - lamb kofta, lamb tekka, chicken tekka, flat bread served with yogurt

The meat skewers are very tender and packed with flavours.  All go down very well with the herb salad, yogurt and flat bread.



Okra cooked in spiced tomato sauce, coriander served with white rice

I love okra and this vegetarian dish is spot on with spices and rich tomato sauce.



Qouzi - slow cooked lamb shoulder, pomegranate, wheat, chickpeas, herbs & spices

The shredded lamb is very tender.  Matched perfectly with the chickpea, sultana, toasted almond and served with wheat / burghul.  A very comforting hearty dish!



Rosewater panna cotta - raspberry, vanilla crumbs

Panna cotta infused with a slight hint of rosewater topped with raspberry glaze, vanilla crumbs and fresh strawberry... yum!



Orange blossom cream - yogurt, kataifi, pistachio, pomegranate

Can't get more Middle Eastern flavoured dessert than this one... orange flavoured smooth cream topped with pomegranate, pistachio and kataifi.  Love the combination of texture and flavours.



Cosmo - with a hint of rose water

Even the Cosmo is infused with the Middle Eastern flavour... love it.


My favourite savory - Qouzi

My favourite dessert - Orange blossom cream


Mama Rumann is a lovely place to catch up with family and friends.  It emphases on serving Middle Eastern street food with the traditional great flavours.  Friendly staff, no fuss casual vibes.  We enjoyed the food and the water front view.  Hope you will enjoy the Middle Eastern feast too!


Mama Rumaan

t10/161 Harbour Esplanade, Docklands VIC 3008

(03) 8623 9690



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