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Saint Lucia

My love for Caribbean food goes a long way back to London where I used to live. Due to the big Caribbean population in the UK, the classic dishes like Jamaican jerk chicken, goat stew and fried plantains are easy to find. Since moving to Melbourne, Pretty Mama on Spencer Street used to be my favourite place when I was craving for Caribbean bbq. So sad, it is closed now. But, I am so happy that I have found another restaurant on Chapel Street that can easily solve my craving.

Saint Lucia is a small tropical island on the eastern side of the Caribbean sea. While Saint Lucia in Windsor is a petite bar-restaurant nested on the south-end of Chapel Street serving Caribbean food and fine rum. As you stepped in, you are immediately transported to the tropical island... white painted room, navy blue feature wall at the back, high white wooden rafters, green ferns, antique mirror, wooden Caribbean artefacts and the old rum bottles topped with candle-drip wax... such a nice relaxed contrast to the hassle and bustle outside. The same tropical theme continues into the outdoor courtyard, a perfect sipper spot for a laid-back summer night.

The menu has a good selection of sharing dishes from starter to main which cater for vegetarian, pescetarian or meat-eater. Apart from the Caribbean dishes, there are also some Mexican dishes such as the popular tacos and elote.

Here is the selection of dishes we chose for the Caribbean feast.

Saint Lucia Windsor | Mac 'n Cheese mini donuts

Mac 'n cheese donuts - Hallelujah! These mini donuts are Godsent... crispy exterior enclosed the soft gooey cheesy macaroni served with chilli cheese dipping sauce. So moreish! The best deep-fried Mac 'n cheese croquettes /donuts I have eaten recently.

Saint Lucia Windsor | Fried chicken tacos

Buttermilk fried chicken taco - slaw, charred corns & scotch bonnet mayo. The combination of the fried chicken, slaw and spicy mayo... all wrapped up in a soft taco is a total enjoyment.

Saint Lucia Windsor | BBQ vegetables

BBQ vegetables with Trini green sauce - perfectly grilled zucchini, red and yellow capsicum topped with spicy Trinidad herb green sauce. Totally fall in love with this spicy Caribbean "salsa verde". Delicious clean flavours with a kick of chilli, bang!

Saint Lucia Windsor | Jerk Barramundi

Jamaican jerk Barramundi - crispy skin Barra served with the classic escovitch sauce and spiced pineapple. The fish fillet is so tender and I love the escovitch sauce with the pickled veggies... spicy, tangy and a little bit sweetened with the spiced pineapple.

Saint Lucia  Windsor | Jerk chicken

Jamaican jerk chicken - this bbq half chicken is also served with escovitch sauce and spiced pineapple. It's amazing how the escovitch sauce goes so well with both the fish and the chicken. The marinated chicken is so tasty and tender. Thumbs up!

Saint Lucia Windsor | BBQ corn

BBQ corn - love this lighter flavours of elote (Mexican corn on the cob)... the tangy lime mayo with toasted coconut instead of cotija cheese.

Saint Lucia Windsor | Roast suckling pig

Roast suckling pig - escovitch & Jamaican rice. The pork is so succulent just melted in your mouth. The whole dish is right at the top of my comfort food list. The fluffy rice, the tender pork, the escovitch sauce and the pickled veggies all in one pot! Super!

Saint Lucia Windsor | Caribbean cocktails

If you are a big fan of rum and tequila, then certainly Saint Lucia is a must visit. It has an extensive list of fine rum and tequila for you to indulge yourself. There is also a good selection of cocktails for the ladies... of course, you will find Mojito and Margarita. If you are a non-spirit drinker, there is also a small selection of sparkling, white and red wine as well as some craft beers to suit your taste and mood.

My favourite dish 1 - Mac 'n cheese donuts

My favourite dish 2 - Roast suckling pig, escovitch & Jamaican rice

Saint Lucia is serving the delicious Caribbean food with a reasonable price right on Chapel Street. Such a gem with a great selection of rum, tequila and cocktails. A truly chill-out place for catching up with friends and family. In my next visit, I will definitely try their signature Kokomo kone and other seafood dishes. Hope you will be pampered by the friendly staff and served you a delicious Caribbean bbq feast with loads of rum and cocktails there this summer. Be prepared to be converted to a Jamaican escovitch fan like me. Bon appétit!


Saint Lucia

78 Chapel St, Windsor VIC 3181

(03) 9530 2085

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