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Pure South Dining

We loved our last holiday in Tasmania a few summers ago. The landscapes, the people and of course the food and the wineries. We were so excited reading the reviews of the re-launch of Pure South Dining early this year. We truly respect the ethos and concepts of the restaurant. Fresh produce from Tasmania, King Island and Flinders Island. Needless to say, they know the farmers, fishermen and the artisan micro producers across the Bass Straits. All these are reflected in the high quality of ingredients used and the food on the plates that served.

Pure South Dining is located in South Bank occupying a two-storey corner block overlooking Yarra River and the footbridge to Flinders Street Station. Downstairs is the causal gastro bar and upstairs sits the fine dining restaurant where we booked. The floor to ceiling glass windows on the river-front of the restaurant is lovely. We sat there watching the sun setting while enjoying our delicious dinner, can't get better than this right in the middle of the city?!

The menu has a good selection of dishes from entree to main to fit everyone's dietary requirements whether you are a meat eater, a pescetarian or a vegetarian. All the ingredients used on the menu are showed where they come from... you know what you are eating and the freshness that's matter.

Here is the selection of dishes we chose on the dinner date.

Pure South Dining | Smoked Ocean Trout Taco

Smoked Huon Ocean Trout taco, finger lime, avocado - house-made crispy taco filled with all the goodies are just delicious. So moreish... Another best taco I had in a month.

Pure South Dining | Wagyu Pastrami, Brioche

Robbins Island Wagyu pastrami, red cabbabe, Surprise Bay cheddar, brioche - the flavors andtextures are just wowed. Could easily eat another one by myself not sharing with hubby!

Pure South Dining | Scallops, Pork Jowl

Bass Strait wild-caught scallops, Scottsdale pork jowl, radicchio - I don't think I have ever eaten wild-caught scallops... scallops and mussels are farmed?? The scallops are served without the coral but the flavour is lovely. The pork jowl is so tender and succulent, The sauce just brings the ingredients together nicely. The crispy pork crackle added the texture to the dish.

Pure South Dining | Blue Eye Cod, Mussels, Pearl Cous Cous

Tasmanian line-caught Blue Eye cod, pearl cous cous, herb emulsion, Spring Bay mussels, smoked eel - the perfectly cooked meaty fish fillet accompanied with the creamy herb sauce is so delicious. I also enjoyed the smoked eel, the strong flavours go well with the pearl cous cous and mussels.

Pure South Dining | Beef Cheek, Caramelised Cauliflower

King Island grass fed beef cheek, salt baked swede, caramelised cauliflower - the beef cheek is so tender and just melted in your mouth. I was surprised actually how light in flavours this dish is. Normally slow-cooked beef cheek is in the repertoire of winter heavy comfort food, but this dish doesn't give that heaviness and rich flavours. Truly enjoyable in Spring time!

Pure South Dining | Chocolate Ganache, Pralin, Ice-cream

Anvers chocolate ganache, praline, puffed rice, Pyengana ice-cream - such a beautiful dessert. The chocolate filled choux puffs, chocolate cream, textured chocolate pieces and the vanilla ice-cream from Pyengana... faultless!

Pure South Dining | Vouvray 2015

2015 Vouvray, Loire Valley, France - just to kick of the night with a glass of my all time favourite. The restaurant has an extensive wine list with emphasis on Tasmania wines from different regions. The wine list is definitely showcasing the best wineries of Tasmania. Apart from the local Tasmania wines, there are also a great variety of wines from Australia and New Zealand. If you prefer the old-world vintages, there are a small portion of well-known French wines for you to choose from too.

My favourite savoury dish - Robbins Island Wagyu pastrami, red cabbabe, Surprise Bay cheddar, brioche.

My favourite dessert - the one and only chocolate smorgasbord.

We had a delicious meal at Pure South Dining. Loving the use of high-quality local produce from Tasmania. Fresh ingredients, creative cooking and beautiful presentation so what not to like?! Pure South Dining is a great place for romantic dinner or simply catching up with family and friends. We will be back to try other dishes and immerse ourselves in the Tasmania wines again. Hope you will enjoy the beautiful food and wine there too!


Pure South Dining

GR2/3 Southgate Ave, Southbank VIC 3006

(03) 9699 4600

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