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Bomba is a Spanish tapas restaurant and rooftop bar located on Lonsdale Street. Under the warm dim lights, the ground floor restaurant is filled with happy diners occupying tables at the front, along the bar as well as the high tables at the back. The decor of this long room does remind me of the austere eateries I've been in Spain which filled with wooden tables and beautiful Moorish pattern tiles on the walls. The atmosphere is full of vibes with people chatting, laughing and eating while the upbeat music is being played.

The food menu has a good selection of seafood, meat and vegetable dishes from aperitivo, charcuterie, montaditos, tapas, paella to raciones. Here are some of the dishes we truly enjoyed.

Bomba | Natural oyster

Natural oyster - these little morsels are so fresh all you need is just a quick squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

Bomba | Iberico jamon

Joselito Iberico jamon (36 month) - love this ham with the slightly sweet taste. When they are thinly sliced, they just melted in your mouth.

Bomba | Padron peppers

Padron peppers - these little green peppers are being char-grilled and topped with some sea salt and olive oil. I love the flavours when you bite into it... a little bit bitter, hot and savoury! Tingles to your taste buds.

Bomba | Leek & manchego croqueta

Leek and Manchego croqueta - everybody loves potato croquettes... crispy outside with the filling of soft potato mash, leek and Spanish classic Manchego cheese. They are so moreish!

Bomba | Lamb ribs

Marinated lamb ribs with sumac yoghurt - simple charcoal grilled lamb ribs topped with yoghurt and sumac. Love the tangy lemony flavour of sumac... Finger licking good!

Bomba | Chargrilled quail

Chargrilled quail with ajo blanco and grapes - succulent quail meat goes so well with the famous "ajo blanco" white garlic soup (sauce). The nuttiness of almonds and savoury garlic taste of the sauce is so yum! The fresh grapes added some lightness to the dish.

Bomba | Braised pork jowl

Pedro Ximenez braised pork jowl with cauliflower - slow-cooked pork jowl in the rich, syrupy, savoury and sweet sauce of Pedro Ximenez sherry. The tender meat just easily pulled apart and melted in your mouth, served with cauliflower mash is utterly delicious and comforting. No wonder this is one of Bomba's popular dish.

Bomba | Charcoal grilled wagyu

Charcoal grilled Rangers Valley 5+ score wagyu tri-tip with mojo verde and horseradish - medium rare succulent wagyu sirloin served with another classic Spanish sauce "mojo verde". This refreshing green sauce of coriander and garlic definitely lightened the rich meaty taste of the beef. The freshly grated horseradish added a nice heat to the dish. Spot on!

Bomba | Charcoal grilled zucchini

Charcoal grilled heirloom zucchini with quesco fresco and pinenut picada - tender zucchini topped with creamy white cheese "quesco fresco"and pinenut picada. Picada is another Spanish sauce made of toasted nut and bread. A delicious vegetable dish!

Bomba | Churros

Churros with chocolate - it's a crime to finish a delicious Spanish meal without our beloved churros. Nothing can beat the hot churros dipped in the hot chocolate sauce... so heavenly good!

Bomba | 2008 Tempranillo

The wine list at Bomba is impressive, starting from aperitif, cocktails, bubbly to white and red. Majority of the wines are Spanish imports but there is also a good selection from other European and local Australian producers. Depends on your budget, a majority of the popular wines are varied from $60 to $90 per bottle. Ask the sommelier for some good recommendations. We started with a bottle of 2013 Tempranillo from Rioja then moved onto the 2nd bottle of full-body and complex 2008 Monastrell. They both are delicious wines.

My favourite savoury dish - Pedro Ximenez braised pork jowl with cauliflower

My favourite dessert - Churros and churros!

We had a delicious meal at Bomba. Loving the rustic and down-to-earth dishes originated from different regions of Spain. Delicious food, good wine list and friendly staff... definitely a lovely place for spending a good time with family and friends. We will go back soon to try other dishes without having to travel to Spain! Hope you will enjoy the food there too!



103 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000

(03) 9077 0451

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