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Ruyi is a modern Chinese restaurant located at Liverpool Street, CBD. As I stepped inside Ruyi, I thought to myself have I come to the wrong place? The space maybe small but it is a Scandinavian design of minimalist beauty. Concrete floor, light wood furniture, muted white wall tiles and those cute lamp shades hanging down from the ceiling. This is certainly not the design for a traditional Chinese restaurant neither is the menu for a traditional Chinese meal.

There is a good selection of fish, meat and vegetarian dishes on the menu. With the modern twists of incorporating some non-Chinese ingredients which certainly added the wow factors and excitement to your palate. Here are some of the dishes we truly enjoyed.

Melbourne Restaurant Review | Ruyi | Peking duck cones

Peking Duck Cones

Succulent roast duck breast, cucumber and spring onion wrapped inside a paper-thin Chinese pancake with a touch of delicious hoi-sin sauce. If you like Peking duck with pancake, you will love this high-quality version.

Ruyi | Pan-fried pork & chive dumplings

Pan-fried pork and chive dumplings

These dumplings are house-made using organic flour to roll out the delicate wrapper while the filling is using minced Greenvale pork and fresh chives. They are lightly pan-fried on one side, the crispy and soft texture along with the juicy filling which makes these dumplings extremely delicious.

Ruyi | Szechuan eggplant fries

Szechuan eggplant fries

The thick cut eggplant fries are coated with light crispy batter then tossed with the classic Szechuan pepper, minced garlic and spring onion. Definitely finger linkin' good!

Ruyi | Wagyu beef with truffle

Wagyu beef

Sliced M8 oyster blade wagyu beef stir-fried with mixed mushrooms and truffle paste. The meat melt in your mouth with the sensational flavour of truffle. A top-notch dish no doubt!

Ruyi | Fried Rice

Fried rice

Something special about Ruyi is the attention to details. The chefs can turn an ordinary humble fried rice into another crowd pleaser. The diced chicken, prawn, egg, peas, spring onion are the usual ingredients but the added fine fish roes have definitely changed the dish into a truly exquisite fried rice in terms of the taste and texture. Well done!

Ruyi has a good selection of Australian and European wines to match with the dishes. As usual, I chose the German Riesling to go with the Chinese dishes this time.

My favourite dish - Wagyu beef with truffle paste

If you are looking for modern Chinese food, Ruyi won't disappoint you. Ruyi has elevated the traditional Chinese dishes into a new level of fineness. High quality ingredients, new age refined cooking have certainly won a high ranking on my list. Friendly staff, the ambience and those beautiful ceramics... what not to like for a return visit? It is a great place for romantic dinner as well as catching up with family and friends. I had a very enjoyable meal and will definitely go back to try other dishes. Hope you will enjoy the modern Chinese dishes there too!



16 Liverpool St, Melbourne VIC 3000

(03) 9090 7778

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