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United Kitchen Dining & Tapas

United Kitchen Dining & Tapas is a tapas bar and restaurant located on Fitzroy Street, St Kilda.

It is a spacious place, under the warm dimly lit lights featuring a big bar. For sure they are shaking up some serious good cocktails! The rest of the room filled whit dark wood tables along the walls. The big leather sofa at the entrance is inviting where you can sit down, relaxed and enjoy the food and drinks. Another interesting decor is the arrays of copper pots and pans hanging down from the ceiling which reminds us that we are in the kitchen waiting for the delicious food to come out!

The menu is emphasising on seafood but it also has a good selection of meat and vegetable dishes. The dishes are in the Spanish and Mexican style of cooking infused with some Asian accents. Here are some dishes we enjoyed.

Le Petite Foodie | United Kitchen | Olive & white anchovies

Olive and white anchoives

Love these big juicy mixed olives and Spanish white anchovies... always a must as an appetiser.

United Kitchen | Ceviche

Ceviche - fish, pineapple, chilli, onion, coriander, tomato & salsa picante

Fresh yellow fin tuna with spicy salsa served on crispy tortilla. Lovely flavours and texture.

United Kitchen | Lamb ribs

Lamb ribs - slow cooked lamb ribs, tossed in fresh salsa and bbq sauce

Succulent finger licking lamb ribs, very moreish!

United Kitchen | Parmesan cauliflower

Parmesan cauliflower - fried and baked cauliflower, shaved parmesan, fresh thyme and shichimi spice

What a delicious way to turn the bland cauliflower into a tasty dish. Brilliant!

United Kitchen | Spicy green beans & chorizo

Spicy green beans and chorizo - green beans, garlic, chorizo crumbs and chilli soy

Love these spicy green beans... the use of finely diced chorizo instead of minced pork has turned a traditional Chinese green beans dish into another yummy new style.

United Kitchen | Slow cooked beef cheeks

Braised beef cheek - tender beef cheeks, mash potato, grilled carrots and caramelised onion beef jus

A hearty dish... tender beef cheeks, potato mash and delicious sauce. The meat just melt in your mouth.

United Kitchen | Slow cooked pork belly

Slow cooked pork belly - free range pork belly, chimichurri sauce, fresh pineapple and salsa fresca

A feast for the eyes kind of dish. Colourful and delicious... succulent pork with salsa and herb sauce.

United Kitchen | Vanilla butter poached pear

Vanilla butter poached pear - slow cooked poached pear, vanilla spiced butter glaze, ricotta and cinnamon cream

This is definitely for those who love pear... soft pear with buttery spiced sauce and cream. A classic dessert cooked perfectly.

United Kitchen | Chocolate fondant

Chocolate fondant - baked chocolate fondant, vanilla bean ice cream and crispy buttered biscuit crumbs

Imagine how satisfying to eat this... hot chocolate pudding with melted chocolate in the middle? And the contrasting sensation with the cold vanilla ice cream and crispy buttered biscuit... say no more.

United Kitchen | wine

Riesling and Merlot

Theres is a good selection of wine, beer and cocktails for everyone.

United Kitchen | Espresso martini

Espresso martini... girls' favourite!

My favourite savoury dish - slow cooked pork belly

My favourite dessert - vanilla butter poached pear

The dishes we ordered were nicely done with great flavours. With the friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere, we will definitely visit again to try more of the seafood dishes. United Kitchen is a great place to spend an evening catching up with family and friends, and sharing some delicious food and drinks. Hope you will enjoy the tapas feast there too!


United Kitchen Dining & Tapas

2/52 Fitzroy St, Melbourne VIC 3182

(03) 9534 4470

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