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Lee Ho Fook

Lee Ho Fook is a modern Chinese restaurant located at Duckboard Place. Duckboard Place is one of the Melbourne well-known street art lanes. Without the red neon sign "Lee Ho Fook", one can easily distracted by looking at the street art and will miss the entrance. The dining room is on the upper level above the bar at the entrance. The dimly lit dining room is not big but has a warm cozy ambience. It is modern with dark wooden floor against the light-coloured brick walls and exposed ceiling beams. The dark wood table top served like a canvas to show off the beautiful ceramic plates and bowls.

The menu is certainly not the traditional Chinese dishes but a creative selection of seafood, meat and vegetable dishes. With the added modern twist to them which created the unexpected excitement. Here are some of the dishes we enjoyed.

Melbourne restaurant reviews | Lee Ho Fook | Kingfish

Hiramasa Kingfish, leeks, cloud fungi, radish, white soy cream, burnt garlic & ginger

It is a beautifully presented dish... thinly sliced raw Kingfish and radish folded into the floral shape with the curly white fungi. A nice combination of texture as well. The white miso and green herb oil enhance the dish with the needed flavours.

Lee Ho Fook | Chinizza - Chinese pizza

Chinizza - spring onion pancake pizza with buffalo mozzarella

The traditional spring onion pancake has been given a new dimension with the extra mozzarella topping. A real good Chinese pizza!

Lee Ho Fook | Hainan Chicken

Silken white cut Holmbrae chicken with Hainan style condiments

The chicken is cooked in a nice stock. The meat is unbelievably tender and indeed with the silken texture. The Hainan style condiments of spring onion oil, Chinese mustard, chilli flake oil and chilli paste put a kick to the palate.

Lee Ho Fook | Hunan style vegetables

Hunan style sour kale & brocoli stir fry with crispy garlic & fermented chilli powder

This is an interesting veggie stir-fry with vinegar and chilli powder. A hot and sour sensation to the palate... wow!

Lee Ho Fook | Tea-ramisu

Tea-ramisu - matcha & Chartreuse mouse, Vietnamese coffee soaked sponge & cocoa glaze

Delicious multi-layers of green matcha-Chartreuse mousse, Vietnamese coffee sponge and cocoa glaze. A lovely Sino-Italian fusion dessert!

Lee Ho Fook | wine

The wine list covered over 100 wines from different countries. They are carefully selected to suit the dishes. As usual, I love Riesling and Gewurztraminer with Chinese food.

My favourite dishes - Hiramasa Kingfish and Silken white cut chicken

If you are looking for a new-style modern Chinese food, certainly Lee Ho Fook will be a place for you. Serious good food with high quality ingredients and refined fusion cooking techniques. It is a great place to catch up with family and friends. I had such an enjoyable meal from those unexpected exciting dishes. Definitely will be another visit soon. Hope you will enjoy the modern Chinese dishes there too!


Lee Ho Fook

11-15 Duckboard Pl, Melbourne VIC 3000

(03) 9077 6261

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