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Rice Paper Scissors

Rice Paper Scissors is an Asian fusion restaurant located at Liverpool Street, CBD and Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. It emphases on street food / hawker style dining and use your hands. I went to Liverpool Street branch for weekend lunch a couple of times and both were very enjoyable.

The restaurant itself is a small venue with a long bar and open kitchen occupied one side of the wall with bar stools. The rest of the room filled with a few big wooden high tables and chairs and a small outdoor seating area at the entrance. This place filled with vibes... bartenders and chefs are busy making drinks and cooking while the music playing and people chatting. The staff is very friendly and looking after you for food and drinks and gave good recommendation. The menu has a good selection of Thai and Vietnamese food in both meat or vegetarian options. Here are some of the dishes from previous visits.

Rice Paper Scissors | Ceviche

Thai Ceviche - lime cured Kingfish with chilli & shallots served on sesame crackers

This dish is served in a small tin with a bowl of sesame crackers. The Kingfish pieces are burst with flavours in your mouth... savoury, sour, tangy and spicy hot! Yum!

Rice Paper Scissors | Dumplings

Seafood dumplings - filled with minced fish and prawn served with chilli soy

Melburnians love dumplings no doubt in any form and shape... these little seafood dumplings are pretty good with the texture and flavours.

Rice Paper Scissors | Crying Tiger

Crying Tiger - char-grilled wagyu beef with a spicy citrus dipping sauce

Grrr... the beef fillet is certainly spicy hot with the dipping sauce. But when you wrapped it up with the lettuce it has a cooling effect. This dish is for chilli lovers... you will love it!

Rice Paper Scissors | Grilled pork neck

Grilled pork neck serviced with chilli pickled capsicum

The grilled pork neck is tender and goes really nice with the pickled capsicum. Again wrap it up with the lettuce... yum!

Rice Paper Scissors | Grilled lamb ribs

Grilled lamb ribs marinated in Mekong whiskey

This is definitely a finger licking dish... the meat on bones always tasty and succulent!

Rice Paper Scissors | Pork belly

Twice cooked tamarind caramel pork belly

The pork belly pieces are tender and love the spicy savoury and caramel sticky flavours. The beansprout and herb salad brings the texture to the dish.

Rice Paper Scissors | Coffee martini

Vietnamese ice coffee martini

This place makes great cocktails... Vietnamese ice coffee martini is a must try.

My favourite dishes - Crying Tiger and Pork belly

Rice Paper Scissors is a great place to catch up with friends and family. Delicious street food menu with a very affordable price in China Town vicinity is a rare gem. It took me a while before finally eating there because they don't take booking at night and always a long queue outside. If you don't want to queue, try to book for lunch. Hope you will enjoy the finger lickin good dishes too!


Rice Paper Scissors

19 Liverpool St, Melbourne VIC 3000

(03) 9663 9890

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