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I am a number cruncher by trade but a passionate cook and foodie after work.  Cooking and eating out are parts of life in our family.  ​I was born and brought up in Hong Kong until I left home for university abroad.  I lived in Taipei and London for many years before migrating to Melbourne in 2005 with my family.  We love Melbourne, such a city of rich cultural diversity hence the amazing people and food culture. 

Apart from food, my other passion is art which I studied to the Master's degree. My friends on Facebook are tired of me posting all the food photos.  So here I am channelling my passion for food and photography into this personal food blog and Instagram. 

I love fine dining and often go to starred restaurants in Melbourne and other cities.  But I also love Asian street food from the local cafes. I am not a professional food critic.  The restaurants that I have visited and chosen to write the reviews are those that I enjoyed their food so much.  So why not sharing with other foodies.

Thank you for viewing my blog.  Hope you enjoy reading it and you will find a place for the next dinner date!  Bon appetit!  x   

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